InnoCos World: you’re invited to a beauty industry pajama party!

Launch of first permanent virtual show for cosmetics and personal care industry

Companies are cutting budgets on travel. Live shows are not getting ROI as much as a few years ago. Why settle for a one or two day events a year only when you can get exposure 356 days in a year? Now, you can reach thousands of brands and suppliers from the convenience of your office and present your brand to your buyers at a fraction of cost you used to spent on live shows.

Car and plane travel is exhausting. Now, you can reach thousands of brands and suppliers wearing your fuzzy slippers and pajamas or from the convenience of your office, from any part of the world. All you need is a computer and a vibrant imagination.

Year-long chance to sell and buy.
Why settle for a one or two day event only when you can get exposure 356 days in a year? You don’t have to wait until next year to attend the annual InnoCos Europe or InnoCos USA conferences.

Suppliers can now present their brand to leading cosmetics and personal care brand owners by exhibiting at InnoCos World.

Wear pajamas, not pearls! Now you can sell while wearing comfortable clothes from the convenience of your office or home.
No additional resources needed from your side. All you have to do is Provide us with all your communications media and we will build a customized virtual stand for you.  We will also upload your PDFs, logos, videos, press releases and let your audience know that you are exhibiting.

Get it right
This virtual show gives you the chance to reinvent yourself throughout the whole year. You no longer have one or two fixed times a year to tell your story. Our format frees you from the pressure of a real live event, and gives you the chance to reinvent yourself, to try new ideas. 
Value for Marketing Spend
For a fraction of the price you usually pay, we can provide you with 365 days exposure, 24/7 and lead capturing system.
We will use our various marketing channels to promote InnoCos World virtual show together with the promotion campaigns of innoCos Europe and innoCos USA annual conferences, and through
Free Updates
With no additional cost for staff, we will update your brochures, videos and press releases on a monthly basis and will include this information in our monthly newsletter.
Generate leads efficiently 
Each visitor of your stand will fill in the contact form that we will send to you, thus there is no need to have staff maintaining the virtual stand. 
Incentives for exhibitors
The first 20 exhibitors booked in 2012 will get a personally tailored story about your company/brand written by a professional business storywriter, free of charge.

Incentives for visitors
Offer give-aways, coupons, or samples to our audience and we will promote your offerings at no extra cost on our monthly newsletter. 
What is the cost? 
Cost for exhibiting starts from €395 for one month, €995 for 3 months, €1795 for 6 month and €2495 for all year.
What is the deadline to book? 
Entry deadline for the launch on 1st January 2013 is 15 of December 2012. Registration after 15th of December will be booked for any other starting day with 30 days notice.
How I can book for innoCos world virtual show?
Fill in the registration form, sign and send it back to us to
More detailed information about innoCos world click here or contact Irina at
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